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In this poem a young sailor boy called Bellhop becomes desperately in love with a little internet girl from Bartlesville, Indiana.

A sailor boy who some called Bellhop stood wearily gazing into the darkened deep of an endless sea.

As he positioned himself upon the southern shores and looked northward across Tennessee and Kentucky,

He stared mournfully now into the heartland of Indiana.

Just a few days ago that area of the world was magic for Bellhop.

He had found a hidden treasure that lay snuggled away from the treachery of oncoming ships,

And the treasure that he had seen was more beautiful than any that the earth or sea had to offer.

The surface waters of that sea of life had been beautiful, serene and bubbly with an insurmountable joy – happiness was everywhere.

But now, just two days later, he stood and watched wave after wave come crashing upon the rocks around him, the sound was deafening.

His heart had been beaten into a mass of indescribable pulp, bleeding and bruised with the circumstances of an uncaring life.

But ol’ Bell knew that the waves beating around him were there because of his own doing.

He had pushed reality into fantasy with the imaginings of his own fairy-tale mind,

And the treasure that he found proved to be overflowing not only with gold, but with a childishness that refused to be budged by the mere whims of a misguided human being.

Try as he may, ol’ Bell struggled to stand after being beaten down by a breaking wave, but his feet could find no foothold.

The sand of the beach was gushing in all directions under him,

And every time he tried to get up, once again a wave would beat in upon him and down he would go.

The struggle was fierce, and Bellhop became so weary that he just sat in the sand and water with the seaweed and cried.

At first the tears just trickled out of his eyes and onto his cheeks and chin, like possibly a melting ice cube.

But now they gushed forth with even more vehemence than did those that beat in upon him from the open sea.

Ol’ Bell’s heart pounded with emptiness as he sat with his head between his knees.

And as he cried, he felt like he would actually drown, not from the forces of the sea, but from his own tears!

He gasped for air as the heaving of his chest became uncontrollable.

He reached out to God and with the cries of an animal that is being crushed under the wheels of an automobile, he cried out for mercy with all his might!

Like Samson of old, he shrieked, “Lord, Please help me just once more!  Oh! God! Please! I need U so much!!”

The cries of Bellhop’s heart were not so much the cries for personal fulfillment, as they were cried that God would bless the treasure that lay in the heartland of Indiana.

That treasure was priceless, and her feelings meant more than all the world to Bellhop.

So now the little insignificant sailor boy sits helpless on the southern sands of the sea of life,

And he waits, and waits, and waits for the answers to his dilemma.

He stares out into the night, and his heart-throbs beat out a message to his God, as he cries desperately for help!

He’s tired; he’s lonely; and emptiness has crept in upon him from the crashing of the waves upon his body and mind.

Bellhop understands for the first time in his life that he is defeated.

The circumstances that he brought upon himself have been too much for the weary sailor.

So he falls back upon the wet and frothing sands that cover the shoreline.

The seaweed that the breaking waves brought in are covering his body like a spider’s web.

He is cold and lonely.

He is empty and sees no purpose for continued living.

For one last time, his thoughts look out across the waters toward an Indiana dwelling, and once again he imagines the words, “Hi! Bellhop!! I’m SaRi!! How R U today?”

He is weak and torn; he is battered and lonely.

And as the tide becomes higher and higher upon the shoreline, ol’ Bellhop’s body is tugged with the undercurrent toward the blackened sea beyond.

He tries to raise his head, but it’s too late.

There is not enough strength.

He thinks of his little SaRi, little Tess Ellen, the Indiana treasure that had previously made him so happy.

But the thought is only fleeting, and Bellhop goes down for the last time.

The circumstances of life have overwhelmed him, and so he goes the way of all mankind, back to the dust from whence he came.  And being the sailor at heart that he really is, Bellhop’s body and mind sink to the bottom of the Sea of Life, and he is buried in the depths of its waters.

Oh! God!  We need your help desperately!

Gird us with your power and love, and help us to overcome the problems that R before us!

In the Name of your Son Jesus I pray.

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